15 Things God Won't Tell You

Satan likes to get into your head and make you think thoughts that aren't true. He's especially good at using our prejudices, experiences, and weaknesses to make us think God is telling us something He's not.

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Here are fifteen things God won't tell you. So if you hear them, you know they're coming from someone else:

1. Your happiness is my primary concern.
2. I’m impressed by the size of your bank account.
3. I don’t have a plan for you.
4. I can’t use you.
5. I don’t love you.
6. I called you to sin.
7. I don’t have time for you.
8. You’re a lost cause.
9. I can’t heal your loved one.
10. You’re problems are too hard for me.
11. It’s okay to be lazy.
12. It’s okay to be a whiner.
13. Prayer is optional.
14. Life will be easy when you turn to Jesus.
15. Just one more good deed and you’ll make it to heaven.


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