Why You Shouldn't Care About Saving the Earth

There was this sweater that I loved. I’m kind of a sweater aficionado in general (they’re my grown-up version of the security blanket), but this was everything you could want: soft, versatile, hip, and it fit me perfectly. Oh, and the best part: my lovely bride bought it for me.

Aaron Escobar (CC)

While pulling it over my head one day, I ripped a hole in the armpit. My mother-in-law graciously sewed it back together, but not long after that the sweater got a small hole in the rib area that increased in size with every laundry cycle. Then I managed to stretch out the sleeves to the point where the arms would flop around and slouch toward my elbows. As time went on, the color started to fade. 
I wore that sweater so much it basically dissolved. 

One day I made the hard decision to throw it away. But instead of doing so, I set it next to the trash can just in case I changed my mind.

Finally one day I did the deed.

Why Jesus Chose Gethsemane

Jesus would have rather been anywhere else, but he chose Gethsemane on purpose.

His betrayer knew it well because Jesus often took his disciples there (John 18:2).

Photo Credit: Episcopal Florida (CC)

What he was about to do would be by far the hardest thing he’d ever done. Fasting for forty days? Elementary. Astounding the teachers in the synagogue? Raising a man from a dead? Nothing to it.

No, this was different. He’d felt pain before, but nothing like what was about to happen.

That Jesus went to a garden in order to begin the process of atonement was no accident.

The Lie Some Christians Like to Tell You about Being Rich

I won’t tease this one. I’ll give it to you straight. Here’s the lie:

The more money you have, the more evil you are.

Photo Credit: Reza (CC)

This lie is proliferated on several fronts:

In the political sphere.
From the pulpit.
In the workplace.
In literature and cinema.

Envy often fuels this sentiment, but I think there is something more underlying the argument.