Warning: Your Mom Can't Save Your Soul

Having a mom who goes to church is not grounds for salvation.

Maybe you even attended church as a child. You read the Word, you sang "Jesus Loves Me". But you never submitted your life to Christ.

Simon Harrod (Creative Commons)

Your mother might be Teresa, but she cannot save you. Sure, she prays for you. She hopes beyond hope.

What Everybody Ought to Know About the End of the World

Did you know that there is enough water in the atmosphere to cover the entire globe?

The United States Geological Survey estimates that there is 3100 cubic miles of water in the air, enough to bury the earth at a depth of about an inch (source). 
This shouldn't come as a surprise to readers of the flood narrative in the book of Genesis.

Edward Lim (Creative Commons)

To be sure, one inch is a far cry from the twenty-two foot depth described in Genesis 7:20, but thinking about the flood in these terms leads me back to the creation story. Furthermore it offers some interesting insights to the future of creation.

Remember what happened the second day?

How the Ultimate Screw-up Got One of the Bible's Most Important Gigs

When you think "screw-up" in the context of the Bible, a whole slew of people probably come to mind.

There's king Saul, anointed of God, who disobeyed the LORD by keeping the plunder of Amalekites instead of destroying it, broke the law by offering sacrifice, and consulted with a medium.

There's Solomon who, despite a heaping amount of wisdom and vast wealth, turned from the LORD to foreign gods.

Moses, who took matters into his own hands by killing an Egyptian.

Adam and Eve, the original screw-ups, who ate from the one tree God forbade.

But perhaps the ultimate screw-up in all of scripture is none other than Jacob, son of Isaac.

Jacob Wrestling with the Angel (Rembrandt)

You know the stories. Beginning at birth he grabbed the heal of his twin brother on the way out of the womb earning him the name "supplanter". He later extorted his brother to gain the birthright, then tricked his near senile old man into giving him the blessing.

So naturally God chose him to be the father of His people.

Say what?

Are You Taking The Lord's Name In Vain Without Even Knowing It?

"I'm just a realist."

Have you ever heard that phrase before? You may have said it yourself a time or two.

Jeffrey (CC)

Pessimists drag it out like it's a pet. They hold it up to their cheek, close their eyes, and comfort themselves with it.

Then they go on being sourpusses and killjoys.

What's Wrong With Pessimism?

There's nothing wrong with pessimism if you're an atheist.
There's nothing wrong with pessimism if you're a naturalist, a post-modernist, an existentialist.

But if you claim Christ, don't tell me you're just a realist.

Because if you believe in Jesus, here's the reality: