Your Only Reason for Hope in a World Full of Suffering

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Rosie Kerr

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This month we're discussing one biblical truth that makes enduring hardship so much easier.

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Have you ever wondered why Jesus had to rise from death?

Why couldn't his life—his teaching, his miracles, and his sacrifice—suffice? The apostle Paul wrote that "if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain" (1 Cor. 15:17, KJV).

So obviously Paul believed the resurrection to be central to Christianity. But why?


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Gods Aren't Supposed to Suffer

What the Romans intended for mockery, God used for redemption.

Elly Brian

Although Jesus made it through Satan's temptations unscathed, the Lord's greatest test was yet to come, and he knew it.

In fact Jesus predicted his own death numerous times to his disciples. Although they couldn't comprehend the implications of Jesus's words, these statements are important to demonstrate that Jesus wasn't taken by surprise at his execution and that he willingly served as a sacrifice on our behalf.

His predictions notwithstanding, this latter fact should be obvious since Jesus made no defense on his behalf despite false testimony against him. In addition Jesus could have simply avoided Jerusalem where the heat on him was the hottest had he desired to avoid crucifixion. And yet again he could have slipped away from his captors in Gethsemane as he did earlier in Nazareth when the synagogue congregates tried to throw him down a cliff. 

Jesus was going to the cross, and he knew it.