Here's My Worldview

Just like candy, you should be cautious when taking religious advice from strangers.

There's so much craziness, so many variations of Christianity, it's hard to trust anyone anymore.

I don't claim to have all of the answers—not even close. Beware of anyone who says he does. Instead my goal is to remain committed to seeking the truth.

So here's what I believe:

Jesus was the only son of God, born of the virgin Mary. He was fully God, yet fully man at the same time. He lived a sinless life and died a sacrificial death to atone for the sins of humanity that began with Eve's willful bite of the forbidden fruit. On the third day after His death, Jesus rose from the grave just as He said He would.

Jesus is the only way to salvation, and His grace is sufficient to cover our sins. I don't need to add anything to Christ to pay for my wrong doing. The only requirement for salvation is faith in Jesus.

I believe mankind has free will to reject God or come to Him. God doesn't force us to love Him; that's not love at all.

I believe the Bible is the divine revelation of God, written by men but inspired by the Spirit.

I would never ask you to accept everything I write without question, so please substantiate all of my claims in scripture, and corroborate them with logic and reality.

Faith is a journey. Let's travel together.