Will We Have Free Will in Heaven?

Nghia Lee

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Anyway, this month I wondered whether we will have free will when we get to heaven. Here's a snippet:

A couple of years ago, my dad and I met for breakfast at a diner in the early morning. At that time we were meeting once a month, and we would discuss anything from sports to parenting, from politics to money. But inevitably Dad would ask me about my writing. I'd tell him what chapter I was on or which subject I was turning over in my mind. 
As a former pastor, he always has good insight into ministry and theology. And on this particular late summer morning, while we ate our eggs and toast, we came up with a doozy of a question. Will we have free will in heaven? I believe the question arose from a discussion of some of the concepts pastor Daniel Sweet and I were writing about in The Last Lessons of Christ
And, of course, the question behind the question: If we do have free will in heaven, doesn't that open the door for sin?

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