How Jesus Frustrates the Scientist in Us All

How would you weigh your own head?

That’s one of the many bizarre questions interviewers at Google have asked potential job candidates over the years. Drawing a blank? That’s what the questioner wants: to see how you respond when the answer isn't obvious.

Seattle Municipal Archives (CC)

But while weighing your own head might sound difficult, it is doable. (In fact William Poundstone wrote a book answering alleged Google interview questions in his work, Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?). Your head, after all, is composed of matter and therefore has mass. But what if you were trying to measure something less, well, measurable?

In 1 Chronicles, King David decided to do just that.

Hosea Explains Wealth Ignorance Perfectly

When I was a kid I had a friend who had everything: trampoline, pool, all of the latest video game systems, you name it. He was spoiled, and he acted like it. He never seemed to express gratitude or even acknowledge the source of his possessions. Now that I’m a dad, I try to be hyper sensitive to the issue, attempting to ensure my kids appreciate what they have and the value of gratitude.

Seth Sawyers (CC)

We’ve all seen the heirs and heiresses frittering away their family’s wealth, spending untold amounts of money on needless frivolties. In fact they’ve become sources of entertainment for the world, featured in tabloids and reality television shows. Their root problem isn’t spending, but rather a lack of appreciation for the amount of hard work required to obtain the wealth.

But this problem isn’t new.