Audio Excerpt: Step into the Shoes of the Disciples and Discover God's Kingdom

I'm excited to announce I have a new book coming out in one week.

On September 6 my new devotional, Walking with Christ: 30 Days with Jesus on the Road to Jerusalem will be released.

For those following along at home, it's been over three years since the release of my last book, Under the Sun. That may have felt like a long time for you, but believe me, it felt like a decade for me.

If you'd have told me it would be almost forty months until the next book, I would have laughed and silently dismissed you as one given to exaggeration. But alas life, with its constant demands on time and resources, wedged its way between the keyboard and me--sometimes for the better, but also to the detriment of my passion for writing books.

And yet, forty months seems like a good parallel to the forty years God's people spent in the wilderness. God used the time to sharpen my skills, shore up my dedication to craft, and enhance my farsightedness in regard to authorial pursuits. Above all, He is teaching me to rely on Him rather than on my own strength.

All that to say: I think this book is my best to date, and I think you'll enjoy it.