Perhaps the Most Misquoted Verse in All of Scripture

People misquote scripture all the time, but there’s one verse that seems to rise above the rest in its errant rendering, and the misrepresentation goes multiple layers deep.

Kevin Dooley (CC)

The verse is 1 Timothy 6:10a. It’s actually half of a verse because most people only reference the first sentence. See if you can recite it. It has the words “money,” “root,” and “evil.”

Let’s see how you did. Here’s the verse in the New International Version:

The Secret to Seeing God Move in Your Life

Can I confess something to you? 

Most weeks I have no idea what I’m going to write about here. I have an inkling, a spark or inspiration, and even a list of ideas. But pre-planned blog posts? A pipe dream. Even when I settle on an idea, more often than not, the process of transforming that idea into something palatable and interesting is an agonizing task.

Mike Tungate (CC)

My process is usually the same. Come up with a clever title. Stew and stew and stew over the content. Pace the room. Stew some more. It’s only after all of this stewing and then bumping up against my deadline (every other Tuesday) that I remember how I’ve done it so many times before.