Why Doesn't God Speak to Us?

Friends and family wouldn’t have reacted so negatively had I been unable to speak. But I could speak; I just chose not to. Ergo ensuing frustration. But before I tell you the whole story, let me first inform you that I was in middle school at the time. That’s pretty much synonymous with insanity. So that's my defense. 

Thomas Leuthard (CC)

You see, I was a big fan of the sitcom, Seinfeld, back in its heyday. In a certain episode the titular character’s cross hallway neighbor, Kramer, swore off speaking. “94% of communication is non-verbal.” He said, just prior to his vow of silence. Thinking it would be funny or challenging or whatever I decided to see if I could go an entire day without talking. 24 hours. A school day no less. Nods, hand signals, gestures, all acceptable. No words.

To All the Church Attendees with a False Sense of Security

Just because you attend church doesn’t mean you’re saved.

But how many of us operate that way? It’s the modus operandi: salvation by association. Redemption through osmosis. But it’s a myth. It’s a lie. It’s a false sense of security.

Boston Public Library (CC)

We think that by belonging to a group or a particular church we’ll sneak our names in the book of life. It doesn’t work like that. (And that’s a good thing.)