How to Discern God's Will for Your Life

For a couple of weeks a few summers ago, I spent my lunch breaks in the car. Of course in Oklahoma the summers are usually a bit warm, so I would turn the ignition on my Dodge Boat and move it beneath a great oak tree that shaded a few parking spots at the tech school.

Tonystl (CC)

But even in the shade and with the windows rolled down, sweat would bead on my skin, and by the 60 minute mark I’d be ready to pass out. Occasionally I’d turn the car on for a few minutes of manufactured cold.

I let the fake breeze hit me then shut the car back off.

But the heat was worth the cost of what it bought me those August days: peace. I sought in vain for some quiet place indoors. A place where I could be still without distraction. A place without interruption. But failing in that endeavor, I retreated to my vehicle.

What was the point of peace I so dearly cherished?

One Compelling Reason to Get More Sleep

I have a love hate relationship with sleep.

I’m an achievement oriented person which means I don’t feel good about myself unless I’m accomplishing things. It’s a sickness, I know, but God is helping me deal with it. That’s one of the reasons Sabbath is so important. (In case you didn’t know, I wrote a book about it.)

Tambako (CC)

Therefore I’m always trying to cram more into the day: just one more chore, one more email, one more blog post. I reached a point where I found myself staying up later and later and getting up earlier and earlier.

But I came to a profound realization that totally changed my outlook on sleep.