The 9-Step Guide to Finding the Church God Wants You to Attend

It's hard to find the right church.

Looking for one can feel like attending a timeshare seminar, a blind date or a multi-level marketing "party".

Jim Sorbie (CC)

But if you persevere it will pay off. Katie and I went through the process a year ago, and we learned some valuable lessons along the way. Here are nine steps to finding the church God wants you to attend:

Why We Can't Afford to Be Lazy Christians

The stubble on my face betrayed me.

I woke up that morning without motivation, listening to the gurgle of Mr. Coffee. It smelled like morning, but I didn't feel much like work. So I dallied. Who knows what I did instead of shaving—combed my RSS feed, loitered in the shower enjoying the hot water, or watched the weather for the ninth time.

zneppi (CC)

Whatever it was I knew there was nothing important on my agenda that day. Sure, I hadn't shaved in 48 hours, but what was another day?

* * *

"I meant to ask you yesterday." My boss began. "The IT directors from around the state are on campus today. Would you mind sharing your experience configuring iPads?"

Of all days.

The Real Reason Jesus Turned the Water into Wine

Jesus' first miracle was kind of mundane as far as miracles go.

Yes, changing water into wine is, no doubt, an amazing feat, but it seems kind of out of place in the oeuvre of Christ. Typically Jesus' miracles involved meeting a deep need: healing, feeding, saving His disciples from storms.

But water into wine? No one was going to die if they ran out of wine.

Loci Lenar (CC)

Perhaps this is why Jesus was reluctant when his mom came to him for help. Providing more booze for an unprepared wedding party was hardly an urgent matter.

But I think Jesus saw it as an opportunity to make a larger point.

1 Way to Lead Someone to Christ (Even If You Have No Clue What to Say)

I've said it before, but I'll say it again:

Evangelism is scary.

Logically it shouldn't be, because we know we stand on truth, but it still is. We don't like rejection. We don't like persecution.

No one does.

Andrea Tummons

But if we believe what we believe, then we know that God cares about the lost. And so should we. If Christ can die for us, we can kill our pride for the sake of the kingdom.

So I have a challenge for you.

8 Things To Do When Your Work Feels Meaningless

My full-time job is in the education sector as an IT Specialist. Most days I enjoy it.

Then there are other days.

Peasap (CC)

Days where I wonder, How many more printers can I fix? How much software can I install? It all seems so meaningless. I'd rather be talking to God, or spending time with my family, or fulfilling my calling.

Then God reminds me of His Son.

Why Waiting is Normal

Do you ever wonder what Jesus was doing all those years before John baptized Him? I do.