I Should Probably Be a Pillar of Salt by Now

Author Jessie Clemence hosted me on her blog last week, and I wanted to share the article with you here.

I love Jessie's writing because she has a distinct and entertaining voice. Which is just an academic way of saying she's genuine, funny, and you feel like you know her by reading her words. Her newest book is geared toward mothers, and it is called I Could Use a Nap and a Million Dollars: Biblical Alternatives to Stressed-Out Living.

You should check it out!

Photo by Rich Brown

Anyway here's a snippet of the post I wrote. It's about Lot's wife and our tendency to look back to the things of the world rather than looking forward to our salvation in Christ:

What Happens When You Invite Jesus into Your Home

Today I have a new book out called Walking with Christ: 30 Days with Jesus on the Road to Jerusalem. Exciting, right?

Click here to see the book on Amazon:

Walking with Christ: 30 Days with Jesus on the Road to Jerusalem

The book is a month-long devotional covering Luke 17-19 with scripture reading, commentary, and guided prayer for each day. These chapters in Luke span Jesus's last trip to Jerusalem, encompassing his final days before Passion Week began.

Throughout these days Jesus wasted no time fretting about the cross, but instead dispensed crucial lessons about the kingdom of God to his disciples. In a matter of days it would be their turn to pick up the mantle and carry out Christ's mission.

So what did Jesus teach them? To state it succinctly: God's kingdom is nothing at all like earthly kingdoms. Where kingdoms on earth value strength, money and power, God's kingdom celebrates children, widows and beggars.

But rather than simply tell you about the book, I thought I'd share some of it with you. What follows is an excerpt from Walking with Christ, day twenty-three.