Your Utmost Is Not Enough

Following God is easy when everything is going your way.

But what happens when life doesn't go as expected?
The book of Proverbs teaches, "the hand of the diligent makes rich" and “by [wisdom] your days will be multiplied, and years will be added to your life." But what if you are diligent and wise and tragedy still strikes? What if you get laid off? Your spouse cheats on you? What if you become ill?
How will you respond when life gets messy? When you reap what you didn't sow?
The truth is you can do everything right—serve your neighbor, study the Scriptures, give to the church—and still have tragic and horrible things happen to you. In fact, I almost guarantee it will happen.
But rather than becoming disillusioned, we can prepare ourselves for the coming winter by strengthening our faith in order to cling to God when times get rough. Because they will.

In Your Utmost Is Not Enough you will discover:

-How to grow closer to God by developing habits that short-circuit the primitive side of your brain.
-How to avoid common pitfalls of the Christian life like pride and self-justification.
-A practical guide to receiving God's blessings.
-What the Bible really says about prosperity.
-How to reconcile suffering with belief in a benevolent God.
-Advice for coping with adversity.
-A deeper understanding of the significance of Jesus's life, death, and resurrection.
-The secrets of effective Christians.
Philosophical without forsaking the practical, Your Utmost Is Not Enough helps provide a more complete picture of suffering and prosperity in relation to the Christian life.

Don't forsake giving your utmost, but don't expect it to be enough.

Welcome to the mind of Andrew Gilmore. Here is a man who knows and loves God's Word; who discerns truth from realms such as the laws of thermodynamics, literary criticism, and stand-up comedy; who is unafraid of addressing life's biggest questions; and who presents his ideas in personal, conversational tone in order to encourage you.

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The Last Lessons of Christ

Discover how the final teachings of Jesus can give you hope and inspiration in a world full of turmoil.

Are you disheartened by senseless suffering and violence? Are you a Christian searching for encouraging guidance? At a time when so many Christians seem to have resigned themselves to despair or apathy, it is useful to remember that Jesus taught something radically different.

On the road to Jerusalem for the last time before his crucifixion, Jesus used every precious second he had left to prepare his disciples for his absence. Whether by miracle, object lesson, or parable, Jesus focused on one thing: faith. In contrast to the watered down version of faith we see in mass media throughout Western culture, Jesus taught that faith can move mountains.

"The Last Lessons of Christ is insightful, theologically astute, compelling, and powerfully written. A highly recommended personal study and ministry tool."
     --MARY DeMUTH, author of Jesus Every Day

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Walking with Christ

Step into the shoes of the disciples as they travel with Jesus in this 30-day devotional book.

In just ten minutes a day you'll draw closer to God and have a better understanding of Jesus's central message to his followers.

"In Walking with Christ, Andrew offers a daily reminder I desperately need—to turn from my own perspective and desires. Instead, he shows me how to seek God's much bigger and more gracious perspective.

"If you're looking to develop a relationship with God that's based on biblical truth, this is the book you need!"
     --JESSIE CLEMENCE, author of I Could Use a Nap and a Million Dollars: Biblical Alternatives to Stressed-Out Living

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Do No Work

“The Sabbath doesn’t apply to me. That Old Testament stuff isn’t relevant anymore." 

If you’ve ever said that, you could not be more wrong.

But even if you do believe the fourth commandment applies to you, how do you apply it to your life? Employ the principles behind this book and you’ll reduce stress, draw closer to God, and have a much improved grasp on the Bible as a whole.

"If you think you're too busy to take a day off, read Do No Work and discover how the right kind of rest can bring peace into your life."
     --ERIN K. CASEY, author of Get Personal: The Importance of Sharing Your Faith Story

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