2 Reasons You Should Stop Yearning for the Past

1. Your Present
2. Your Future

What’s done is done. Yes, I know they were good times. I had them too. But they’re gone.

conejoazul (cc)

Don’t forget them. Don’t forsake the past; it is important to understand the context of your life and the world at large especially within the scope of the Bible. But don’t yearn for the past or induce nostalgia of a time gone by.

Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way.

What Every Christian Ought to Know About Being a Dad

As a ten-year-old I was an above average hitter but below average when it came to getting out of the way of inside pitches. Once in a little league game a pitch flew straight for my noggin and I barely ducked in time. But since I was slow in avoiding the concussion, I didn’t have time to pull my aluminum bat out of the way, and the ball hit the barrel for a called foul.

Brent Moore (CC)

So it was no surprise that when—on a different day—a fastball flew towards my head that it struck me squarely on the jaw. This time though, the pitcher was my dad.