What Jesus Would Say to the Helpless and Hopeless Inside Each of Us

I'm excited to be featured on Unlocking the Bible today!

Photo by Ethan Sykes

I wrote about what Jesus wants you to know in times when you feel overwhelmed or in situations when you are without hope. Here's how it begins:

If you are a human, no doubt you have felt hopeless at times. You’ve endured seasons in your life when everything around you seemed to be crumbling, and you couldn’t do anything about it. 
If you are human, you’ve probably felt helpless a time or two. You may have believed that nothing you could do would make any difference no matter how hard you tried. 
If we’re not careful, these seasons of hopelessness can morph into an ongoing outlook on life; we begin to expect the worst to happen. We believe things are already decided against us—and there’s nothing we can do. 
It’s almost impossible to turn on the news or swipe through social media feeds without seeing some sort of horrible incident played out. With so much devastation and injustice around us, it is tempting to give up and resign ourselves to the evil around us.

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