Does God Really Have a Plan for Your Life?

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Do you ever wonder if God has a plan for your life?

You know so many people who seem to live life with a clear direction. They behave with a sense of purpose, with an unbelievably annoying amount of enthusiasm and optimism.

And dare you say it? They have the “c” word.


These people know what they were made for, what they’re good at. They do it well. And they do it for God.

And you want that too.

3 Ways to Stay Thankful During Thanksgiving (And Have God’s Peace All Year Long)

Editor's note: please welcome Brad Andres to the blog today. I think you'll enjoy this post. -Andrew

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I remember the good old days when Thanksgiving sales did not start until early Friday morning.

But Black Friday is no more. Now, it seems, we should call Thanksgiving, “Black Thursday” when mainstream focus is on food, football, and fantastic deals. The largest sales end before midnight, and the weekend follows with lingering discounts and opportunities to spend more money.

It’s ironic. During Thanksgiving, when people should be happiest, they seem to become the most irritable. When we should be counting our blessings, we count our cash instead (and often spend more than we count). No wonder Americans get so stressed out.

So how can we stay thankful during Thanksgiving, and even all year long?

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I don’t tell you this for pity (although if you have any extra I could throw a party), but rather to point out the fact that I never really promoted the book. I never did a proper book launch. I was so exhausted and overwhelmed just finishing the thing, that I’ve been trying to recharge ever since.

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How to Read the Old Testament Without Getting Lost, Getting Bored or Giving Up

You’ve probably started reading Genesis many times.

You may have even made it all the way through, moving on to Exodus. Moses, the plagues, the Red Sea, the Ten Commandments. All interesting stuff.

Jona Park (CC)

But then you hit Leviticus. You start reading about guilt offerings, grain offerings, sin offerings, and offering offerings. (Okay I may have made that last one up.) Then you start nodding off. Your mind starts wandering to important things like how much toilet paper is left in the bathroom or who won the 2014 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

So you close up the Bible. The next day you flip to Matthew with a possible pitstop in Psalms and Proverbs. You’ll try the Old Testament next year.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s had this problem.

Why Doesn't God Speak to Us?

Friends and family wouldn’t have reacted so negatively had I been unable to speak. But I could speak; I just chose not to. Ergo ensuing frustration. But before I tell you the whole story, let me first inform you that I was in middle school at the time. That’s pretty much synonymous with insanity. So that's my defense. 

Thomas Leuthard (CC)

You see, I was a big fan of the sitcom, Seinfeld, back in its heyday. In a certain episode the titular character’s cross hallway neighbor, Kramer, swore off speaking. “94% of communication is non-verbal.” He said, just prior to his vow of silence. Thinking it would be funny or challenging or whatever I decided to see if I could go an entire day without talking. 24 hours. A school day no less. Nods, hand signals, gestures, all acceptable. No words.

To All the Church Attendees with a False Sense of Security

Just because you attend church doesn’t mean you’re saved.

But how many of us operate that way? It’s the modus operandi: salvation by association. Redemption through osmosis. But it’s a myth. It’s a lie. It’s a false sense of security.

Boston Public Library (CC)

We think that by belonging to a group or a particular church we’ll sneak our names in the book of life. It doesn’t work like that. (And that’s a good thing.)

Finding Grace: Overcoming the Perfectionism Trap

Looking over my son that night, I couldn’t find any bumps or bruises. I searched as thoroughly as I could amidst the ear-piercing shrieks of pain that elevated my blood pressure to dangerous levels. I tried to replay the event in my mind, to calculate exactly in what position, and at what angle, and with what velocity the two-year-old had hit the ground like an X-games analyst would do after an athlete missed a landing.

Vlastimil Koutecky (CC)

One thing you should know about Abram is his propensity to destroy things. He takes special delight in ripping, tearing, throwing, popping or otherwise disintegrating whatever’s in his path. He’s perhaps the cutest child alive and has probably the best temperament of any of our four children as a toddler, but you can’t take your eye off of him for even one minute without discovering he has shredded another office curtain, dumped juice on the carpet, or yanked a wad of hair from his sister’s unsuspecting scalp.