Finding Grace: Overcoming the Perfectionism Trap

Looking over my son that night, I couldn’t find any bumps or bruises. I searched as thoroughly as I could amidst the ear-piercing shrieks of pain that elevated my blood pressure to dangerous levels. I tried to replay the event in my mind, to calculate exactly in what position, and at what angle, and with what velocity the two-year-old had hit the ground like an X-games analyst would do after an athlete missed a landing.

Vlastimil Koutecky (CC)

One thing you should know about Abram is his propensity to destroy things. He takes special delight in ripping, tearing, throwing, popping or otherwise disintegrating whatever’s in his path. He’s perhaps the cutest child alive and has probably the best temperament of any of our four children as a toddler, but you can’t take your eye off of him for even one minute without discovering he has shredded another office curtain, dumped juice on the carpet, or yanked a wad of hair from his sister’s unsuspecting scalp.

The Lie Christians Everywhere Want to Believe

The moment I realized the blue lights in the rear view mirror were meant for me I could feel my body begin to tense.

It was as if I were suddenly asked to give a speech on a topic I knew little about. I felt two individual beads of sweat run from my armpit and down my side, giving me chills. Yet the temperature outside the vehicle was north of 90 so I couldn’t turn off the air conditioner but a few seconds. It is strange feeling simultaneously cold and hot. But that’s where I was.

No worries. The window would be down soon enough, equalizing the opposing forces of the AC and Oklahoma sun.

Michiel Jelijs (CC)

Of course the wait from the time you pull over until the officer approaches your window seems longer than it is. I’m not sure what he’s doing in there. Probably running the plates to check for warrants, liens, and proper registration. But I also imagine him doing normal stuff you and I do at work like finishing the last bite of Snickers and texting his wife to remember to pay the vet bill. Besides that, all the cruisers have those laptops in them now, and it’s gotta be tempting to check up on Facebook every once in a while.

So my angst grew minute by minute, primarily because of the unknown. Why had the police officer pulled me over?

5 Ways to Enjoy God's Word (Even If You Hate Reading)

Trust me, I know how it feels to be lacking in time.

At the Gilmore household, many days we're lucky just to have time to eat dinner. Were it not a biological necessity, we'd probably skip it (despite my love of food). But after work, school activities, homework, and all the other things we have to do when is there possibly time to read the Bible?

And even if time presents itself, if you don't understand what you're reading or why it's important how are you going to enjoy the process? 

CollegeDegrees360 (CC)

So too often we skip Bible time either because it's not urgent or because the process is boring and frustrating.

But what happens if you stay on such a course? What if you continue allowing your Bible to collect dust on the bookshelf?

Hey Christians: It's Okay to Be Awesome

Tell me if this ever happens to you.

Johan Wieland (CC)

You do something well: sing in church, hit a home run, or cook a delicious bass. Afterward someone says to you, “Great job! That was awesome!” To which you respond:

aw, it was nothing.

Have you ever said that?

If so, it’s time to stop.

What Is the Meaning of Life?

What is the meaning of life?

The question kind of betrays itself, doesn’t it?

Betty Nudler (CC)

The query implies there is meaning to be had in the first place. And inherit in that assumption is the affirmation that life has value. Because without value, there is no meaning. Therefore the question stems from our belief that life is precious.

But is it really?

How to Tell If You're about to Do Something Awesome

What’s the most significant thing you’ve ever done? The most awe-inspiring?

If you were to ask me I wouldn’t say, “Graduating college.” Although I consider that a great feat. I wouldn’t say, “Running eleven miles in a row.” Or, “Writing two books." 

Beadmobile (CC)

No, without hesitation I’d tell you that fostering and adopting two boys is the most significant endeavor Katie and I have ever undertaken. 

But it almost never happened.

Wisdom Won't Immunize You from This

I crave wisdom—the ability to discern right from wrong, to adopt a long view on life, to experience a peaceful existence, to prosper, and to raise delightful children.

But you know who else loved the idea of wisdom? Eve. When tempted by the serpent, she looked upon the contraband and "saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom” (Gen. 3:6).

Dr. Wendy Longo (CC)

The irony, of course, is Eve’s desire to gain wisdom led her to act foolishly in disobeying God. The old saying, "The ends don’t justify the means" applies here. As Solomon said, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” (Prov. 9:10a) Translation: if Eve really wanted wisdom, she should have respected God's command not to eat of the tree. So the first lesson is this: