What God Wants You to Do When You’re in Distress

I was never happier to be awoken at 2 AM than on a particular night a couple of years ago. My daughter was screaming bloody murder that pierced the low hum of white noise through the baby monitor.

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But it wasn’t her fear of some she-beast in the closet or some gnome under her bed that made me happy. That would just make me the worst dad ever. No, it wasn’t her screaming that made me happy, but what she was screaming that did:

Why You Can’t Cook a Baby Goat in Its Mother’s Milk

The Old Testament is so quirky.

Perhaps you’ve come across this immortal passage from Exodus or Deuteronomy in your own studies:

Do not cook a young goat in its mother's milk. (Exo. 23:19b)

This mandate actually occurs three times, so it’s probably important. But what does it even mean? What a bizarre command.

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It seems superfluous, unimportant, out of place. As if Moses had ADD and just threw it in there for fun. But as part of the Holy, inspired word of God, it’s there for a reason.

One Thing Jesus’ Birth Taught Us about Being Human

"Let me fall into the hands of the Lord, for his mercy is very great; but do not let me fall into human hands" (1 Chron. 21:13b).

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David calculated the risk, and he decided. His words sounded wise, but soon seventy thousand of Israel would be dead, their corpses rotting in the streets.

And not enough tombs to hold them all.

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Dear Flawed Person: God's Not Done with You

Hi. My name is Andy, and I’m a perfectionist.

It sounds romantic, I know, but it’s not. It’s paralyzing. I don’t take on new endeavors because of fear of failure. I never believe I’m good enough because there’s always room for improvement. Tasks take twice as long while I work on every detail.

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Yet no matter how hard I work, one thing has become clear: I’m still flawed. Maybe you are too. But there’s good news for imperfect people like you and me.

I Was Surprised to Realize This One Thing Is Missing from the Lord’s Prayer

Every time I pray I say, “Thank you.”

Thank you for the day, for the rain, for breath, for my family. You get the point. I say it a lot.

Chris Piascik (CC)

But one day while pondering the Lord’s prayer—Jesus’ master course on how to pray—I noticed there’s one thing missing:

God Still Refuses to Ruin Your Calling

The last home we lived in was beautiful.

It is perhaps considered modest by American standards, but even on the day we moved out I remember thinking, This is a nice home.

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Upon entering you were stunned by the tall ceilings and the flood of natural light peering in through the wall-to-wall windows.

The master bathroom was embarrassingly lavish with a large jetted tub and shower combo, two walk-in closets, and two sinks.

Compared with the apartment living Katie and I were accustomed to, we were living like royalty.

But while the home was great, there was a problem.