Get More Out of Church: 5 Practical Steps

Do you desire a more meaningful church experience on Sunday?

Vinoth Chandar (cc)

Last week we looked at one way to accomplish that goal. Here are five more ways:

1. Expect to hear from God

Pray that God will send His Spirit and speak to the congregation.

And then expect that He will.

If you don't have faith that God is going to speak to you then why go to church at all?

Jesus says in Matthew 7:7 to “ask, and it shall be given you” (KJV). Ask that God would speak to the congregation and then attend in anticipation.

It may not happen every Sunday, but if you never ask will you ever receive?

2. Get plenty of rest

Getting enough rest helps ensure that you will be engaged in worship and focused during the sermon—not to mention a lot less likely to make a fool of yourself by snoring in church.

The fourth commandment tells us to rest, but if you begin the night before, you will have a better church experience.

Besides that, it will make the next step much easier.

3. Get to church early

This is my downfall, I readily admit. But it is important nonetheless.

When pressed for time your mind enters into hurry mode and you can't simply switch that off once you get to church.

Psalm 46:10 reads, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Getting to church early gives you time to prepare for stillness, to purge your mind of to-do lists and worries.

Arriving early also gives you time to fellowship, one of the essential functions of the church (Acts 2:42).

4. Pray for the church leaders

Those who minister on Sunday morning have a big burden on their shouldersnot just the preacher, but also the musicians, children’s ministers and others. Pray that God would use these leaders as vessels to administer His will.

5. Confess your sins, seek forgiveness

Perhaps the most important component is to prepare yourself spiritually.

Confess any sin you have in your life, and seek forgiveness from the LORD.

Jesus says in Matthew 26:28, “This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.” By the power of His blood Jesus offers us forgiveness.

Once you're in right relationship with God you are freed to worship and commune with Him.

A word of caution

Please don't let this list discourage you from attending church. Don't think that because you haven't done any of these things that you shouldn't go.

It is so easy to think, Well, we’re already going to be ten minutes late to church so we might as well not go. Believe me I have been there. Like I said, tardiness is my downfall.

God can (and does) work in spite of us.

There are no perfect people in church. If there were, they would not need to be there.

Attending church regularly is an important spiritual discipline. Just like with any discipline, if you are not used to it it is difficult. But the more you go, the easier it becomes. 

Consider running a mile. Those who do cardio every day would find that task laughably simple. But for those who don't regularly exercise, running a mile without stopping would be a daunting task.

So please don't hear me say that you shouldn't attend church if you don’t do these things.

But if you want to get more out of church, it helps to be prepared.

What can you add to this list? What did I miss?


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