Want to See Miracles in Your Life? Read This.

Miracles only seem miraculous when they happen infrequently or when we cannot explain them.

Yet just because something can be explained scientifically or happens every day makes it no less miraculous.

Jesus turned water into wine once, and it was a miracle. But what if he did it every day of his few years of ministry? The people would expect it, get used to it, and ultimately find it to be unmiraculous.

Miracles happen every single second.

That gravity holds our planet together and holds the solar system and the galaxy together is a miracle.
That a seed can die, sprout leaves, and can literally convert sunlight into sugar is a miracle.
That we have the capacity for love and redemption despite our humanity is a miracle.

Look around and I bet you will find something you once found miraculous that you now take for granted.

But when you clicked on this link, you were probably expecting something else. You were probably thinking, I need something supernatural to happen my life.

This is my point: it's all supernatural. Healing the blind is the same as growing grass. For God, nothing is difficult. To us one may seem more amazing than the other, but the Father can do either one with ease.

Yes, God says no to us sometimes. We pray for healing, and He says no. We must trust that God has a different vantage point, and knows what is best for us.

We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

So if you want to see miracles in your life, realize that you already do–you've simply been overlooking them.

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