God Still Refuses to Ruin Your Calling

The last home we lived in was beautiful.

It is perhaps considered modest by American standards, but even on the day we moved out I remember thinking, This is a nice home.

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Upon entering you were stunned by the tall ceilings and the flood of natural light peering in through the wall-to-wall windows.

The master bathroom was embarrassingly lavish with a large jetted tub and shower combo, two walk-in closets, and two sinks.

Compared with the apartment living Katie and I were accustomed to, we were living like royalty.

But while the home was great, there was a problem.

The house sat on a hill, and the contractors did not build a retaining wall on the down slope between our house and our neighbors’. In addition, the house had no gutters so rain rolled off the roof and straight to the ground washing away what precious little dirt held up the house.

We quickly installed gutters after moving in, but the problem seemed to worsen.

Inside, doors wouldn’t stay open, and we noticed a few places of stress in the drywall.

How to Screw Up Your Calling

I’m a firm believer that everyone on the planet is called by God for a unique purpose. Something inspiring, awesome, and beautiful that only you are uniquely qualified to do.

Yet that word “calling” is bandied about relentlessly—especially in Christian circles. In some instances it even becomes an idol, an obsession.

Often it is interchanged with “purpose” as if the two were equals—a dangerous equivocation that betrays a lack of understanding regarding God’s plan for your life.

You’re purpose is actually quite simple: to glorify God.

Is that not sexy? Not flashy enough for you?

Nevertheless, it’s true.

And that purpose doesn’t change. As a newborn baby you testified to God’s glory by the miracle of life. That God created man in His own image. As an adult your every motivation should be to reflect well on your maker.

Your calling though is different. It’s not purpose, but rather an implementation of your purpose.

So often we want to put the cart before the horse. We try so hard to discover and live out our calling without really understanding or acknowledging our purpose. I’ve done it, and you probably have too.

But just like the monstrous tub and bedroom-like closets in my beautiful ex-house, your calling is moot without the proper foundation.

One Reason God Hasn't Called You Yet

God has immense love for you.

He wants you to live a fulfilling life. He wants you to recognize and realize your calling. But no matter how much you beg He still refuses to ruin it for you. Because that’s exactly what would happen if you have your calling without understanding your purpose.

If you’re not anchored in the Greatest Commandment—to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength—then your calling just might ruin you.

Your house will come crashing down.

Don’t worry so much about your calling. Focus first on giving God the glory in every aspect of your life. As you do so, you build a solid foundation, and your calling will come in turn.

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