2 Reasons You Should Stop Yearning for the Past

1. Your Present
2. Your Future

What’s done is done. Yes, I know they were good times. I had them too. But they’re gone.

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Don’t forget them. Don’t forsake the past; it is important to understand the context of your life and the world at large especially within the scope of the Bible. But don’t yearn for the past or induce nostalgia of a time gone by.

Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way.

When I moved from Nevada to Norman, Oklahoma as a seventeen-year-old, I tried desperately to resurrect the past. My first months in our new home I spent as if they weren’t reality. And in the process I lost almost a year of time.

There are few things as sweet as a good memory, so why not make new ones today? In reminiscing about the proverbial good old days we fail to realize an important truth:

These are the good old days.

These precious moments with your kids or your grandkids or your bestie are the memories you’ll wish you could relive in a decade. Cherish every second you have on earth. Grab hold of them and squeeze out every ounce of joy you can. 

Pining for the past is a great way to kill your present and destroy your future. (It’s also a great way to become a pillar of salt.) Instead be present in the present.

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