Want to Help Me Launch My Book?

You are probably aware that I published a book last April called Under the Sun: Discover Your Calling and Live a Meaningful Life.

What you might not know is that it almost killed me. In the weeks leading up to the release of the book I was scrambling to get everything finished on time, regularly operating on four hours of sleep.

I don’t tell you this for pity (although if you have any extra I could throw a party), but rather to point out the fact that I never really promoted the book. I never did a proper book launch. I was so exhausted and overwhelmed just finishing the thing, that I’ve been trying to recharge ever since.

Now that I’ve gathered myself, I’m ready to officially launch my book to the world. But I need your help!

I need people like you to help spread the message about Under the Sun. If you’re interested in joining my book launch team please email me at andrew @ andrewgilmore.net.

Here’s what you are committing to:

-Sharing news about the book on your favorite social media site the day of launch (11/27) plus one or two more times.
-Eventually reviewing the book on Amazon (or your blog if you have one, or both). If you could post the review within the launch period that would be great, but I know it’s short notice.
-Helping me brainstorm ideas for promoting the book.

In return you’ll get:

-A digital version of the book (in all formats)
-All of the bonuses I’m giving away to people who buy the book during the launch period (11/27 - 12/27)
-A thank you and link to your blog, twitter, or whatever you like on my website
-Membership in a private Facebook group where we could discuss the content of the book, and book promotion strategies

Space is limited in the group so let me know right away if you’re interested.

If you’re up for it, email me now at andrew @ andrewgilmore.net. If not, here’s a video of a cat:


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