How to Survive Tranquility

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Photo by Khurt Williams

I just sent this month's out, and it's about how to rest even when you have ten million things to do. Here's how it starts:

When you discover you have spent over a day of your life playing a game called Cooking Fever two emotions descend upon you.
First is dismay at the incredulity of logging over thirty-four hours in a meaningless casual Kindle Fire app. Second is depression at the amount of time wasted in such trivial pursuits. (As opposed to the board game Trivial Pursuit, which, plainly put, is never a waste of time.) Such is the wave of feelings I experienced yesterday upon stumbling across my gaming statistics. I didn’t know Amazon even logged those kinds of things.
If you’ve read my first book, Do No Work, then you know I have struggled with balancing work and rest—between checking boxes and allowing myself to breathe. And based on the response I received from the book, I know many of you do too. I call this the Mary-Martha dilemma.

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