Why Didn't God Create a Sinless Reality from the Beginning?

Simon Matzinger

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This month we discussed a deep philosophical question I'm probably unqualified to answer. Nevertheless, I took a stab at it and even included an awkward middle school story. What could be better?

Here's a snippet:

If, as I asserted last month, we humans will be sinless yet have free will intact when we go to heaven, why didn't God simply create such a reality from the beginning?
The short answer is this: It's not possible. 
Whoa, are you saying something is not possible for God? 
To achieve the end result God desires, yes, it's not possible. Hear me out. 
The first fact we have to establish is that created beings cannot be perfect. I know what you're thinking, Didn't we establish last month that we will become perfect? Yes, but here I mean perfect in the way God is perfect. That is, omniscient, omnipotent, and so on. 
To put it another way: any created being must be a non god. 
Why? Because by definition, God is not created. 
Why is it important to establish this fact?

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