Whether You Realize It or Not, Nothing Can Prepare You for Tragedy

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Mitch Gaff

Can you ever really prepare for tragedy?

Should you even try?

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Here's a snippet:

The same counsel we give others in times of stress or grief we should abide by when such situations befall us. If we advise others to trust in God's provision, but feel slighted by God in the face of loss, doesn't that make us hypocrites?

But you see, everything Job taught and counseled those countless others to do could have been 100% correct in theory. Job was obviously wise, resourceful, and devout so I'm sure he had a lot of good advice to hand out.

But no amount of reading, studying, prayer, counsel, or anything else can prepare you for tragedy and the grief that follows. It is impossible to get in that headspace until you yourself undergo it.

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