Why We Can't Afford to Be Lazy Christians

The stubble on my face betrayed me.

I woke up that morning without motivation, listening to the gurgle of Mr. Coffee. It smelled like morning, but I didn't feel much like work. So I dallied. Who knows what I did instead of shaving—combed my RSS feed, loitered in the shower enjoying the hot water, or watched the weather for the ninth time.

zneppi (CC)

Whatever it was I knew there was nothing important on my agenda that day. Sure, I hadn't shaved in 48 hours, but what was another day?

* * *

"I meant to ask you yesterday." My boss began. "The IT directors from around the state are on campus today. Would you mind sharing your experience configuring iPads?"

Of all days.

How to Prevent Lost Opportunities

1 Peter tells us to "always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have" (3:15). As Christians we can't afford to be lazy. That doesn't mean we're perfect; it means we never stop trying. It means we don't let our guard down even for a moment. We are always intentional, always purposeful.

It means being proactive by reading the Word and praying. It means being reactive by fleeing temptation and turning the other cheek.

The moment you stop trying, even if you tell yourself it is just for a moment, might be the moment God calls upon you to do something large.

Why You Should Always Be Prepared

To make matters worse, the presentation was in the afternoon.

Not only did my nerves have all day to germinate and blossom into a monstrous worry-tree, but that five-o'clock shadow grew darker every minute. Maybe if the presentation were in the morning, I could have played it off as that Tom Brady GQ look. But by the afternoon, I looked more like a hobo than a playboy. Accompanying the anxiety were the overactive sweat glands. So by 3:00 PM I smelled like a hobo too.

Therefore I gave my spiel and got the hell out.

You see what happened? I missed an opportunity to gain influence because of my unpreparedness.

I made the folly of thinking that nothing important was going to happen because I hadn't scheduled it. But sometimes the boss has other things in store.

The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9, NASB

Always be prepared mentally, spiritually, and physically because you never know what the boss has planned.


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  1. but why would he have to die for our sins when first of all God is in control? why would God knowingly sacrifice Yeshua for sins of people Yeshua already told thebm that they were forgiven or saved when for example The Woman that slept with a married man ( something close to this example) was forgiven after Yeshua told the accussers that ehy arent perfect either and they sin too. He also told other people after healing, exocrcising, etc that there faith saved them in mathewS. Also why would God even do that if he didnt have to do that plus Yeshua git tired of the Pharisees doing evil and pretty much getting away with lying and faking. This seems to create a system where alot of people now really take advangtage of the "die for our sins" ordeal , and they believe they can contiue to do evil without concequence not having an insintive to stop. Also why would he ask God to "please forgive them for they dont know what they do" if it was God making a strange self serving unnecassry cruel choice to do this to Yeshua. It contradicts the whole chapter of Mathews along with the whole We are GOds too thing that Yeshua pretty clearly said telling us we are Gods just like him. Unless you wan to c all him a liar and God cruel and unfair . i would love a explaination.