1 Way to Lead Someone to Christ (Even If You Have No Clue What to Say)

I've said it before, but I'll say it again:

Evangelism is scary.

Logically it shouldn't be, because we know we stand on truth, but it still is. We don't like rejection. We don't like persecution.

No one does.

Andrea Tummons

But if we believe what we believe, then we know that God cares about the lost. And so should we. If Christ can die for us, we can kill our pride for the sake of the kingdom.

So I have a challenge for you.

How to Make Disciples

I had the benefit of growing up in the church. From my earliest memories I was there every Sunday. There was the red velvet carpet. The white pews with mahogany armrests. I remember the musty smell of the old sanctuary where they held children's church, and the grandiosity of the new sanctuary with its stained glass and stadium seating.

I may not have understood what it was all about, but I was there. I know no other life but that of the church.

But I know one guy who did not have the same luxury.

His name is Daniel Sweet, but these days he goes by "Pastor."

Yes, my pastor-—the man on whom I rely for spiritual growth, whom I have entrusted to preach me the Word, grew up outside of the church. So how did he go from lost soul to disciple-maker?

It started with one simple act: someone invited him to church.

Someone had the courage to say "fear be damned, I'm inviting him."

Why We Are All Horrible Evangelists

You might not know the first thing about apologetics (or even what that word means). You might not have a single verse memorized. You might not have the slightest clue what to say.

But it doesn't matter.

Those with faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain (Mat. 17:20).

Although it may have seemed like an isolated event at the time, that seed of faith that it took to invite young Daniel Sweet to church yielded amazing results, because now, not only is Daniel living for God, but God has used Daniel to bless countless other lives.

So you may be a terrible evangelist (like me), but finding that one lost coin can pay unspeakable dividends for the kingdom.

And the fact of the matter is that we are all horrible evangelists apart from God, because only He can save souls.

The Challenge

So this is my challenge to you: this week invite someone who does not attend church to go with you. Just one person. Then watch the Holy Spirit move. Post your results in the comments, and I will too.

It may seem like a small thing.

It probably is, just like a mustard seed.

And if you'd like to be better equipped to answer questions about the faith that will inevitably come your way, you must establish a habit of reading the Bible.

I've put together a short guide that will help you do just that. You'll learn the tips and tricks I used to foster a consistent schedule of quiet time.

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Let me know how the invite goes!

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