Everything You Ever Wanted to Know the Sabbath Commandment (And Then Some)

What if I told you that the fourth commandment holds the keys to beating down stress, worry and fatigue?

What if I told you that the Sabbath commandment could lead to inner peace and could tremendously strengthen your faith?

And what if I said that the commandment to "Remember the Sabbath by keeping it holy" (Exo. 20:8) can help you get a grip on proper application of Old Testament law, on legalism vs leniency?

You'd turn straight to Exodus and start reading, right?

Sound far-fetched?

What if I told you that studying the fourth commandment did all of these things for me?

I set out on a quest some years ago to understand the context and relevance of the fourth commandment, and in return unlocked the key to a much greater understanding of the Bible and its application in my life.

Now, I want to share it with you.

Looking forward to my new book, Do No Work, I have gathered here much of what I learned along the way. (For the rest, you'll just have to buy the book. :) )

And if you like what you read, stay tuned for Do No Work to come soon.

Why Studying the Fourth Commandment Will Help You Understand the Other Nine Part I, Part II

William Warby (CC)
3 Sabbath Principles Every Smart Christian Knows

Alexander Baxevanis (CC)
Is Working on the Sabbath a Sin?

Steve Snodgrass (CC)
Should You Buy Things on the Sabbath?

The Secret of Honoring God on the Sabbath

Why Honoring the Sabbath Means Giving Up Cash

Why Sunday Is Not As Important As You Think

Is the Fourth Commandment Still Relevant?

George Bannister (CC)
Why Throwing Away Your Traditions Is Sometimes the Best Way to Honor God

The Ewan (CC)
How to Prevent Burnout God's Way

Why the Fourth Commandment Holds the Key to Heaven Part I, Part II

Marc Farlardeau (CC)
Why the Fourth Commandment Holds the Key to Peace

Why the Fourth Commandment Holds the Key to Freedom

Cornell University (CC)
You Might Be Asking the Wrong Question When It Comes to the Sabbath

Why Keeping the Sabbath Is Easier Than You Think

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