Maybe You're Not Ready to Fulfill Your Calling

“Who made you judge over us?” The Hebrew said to Moses (Exo. 2:14).

Answer? God did (Exo. 18:13). It was just a few decades later than Moses would have liked. So he decided to take matters into his own hands and slay an Egyptian he saw beating his fellow Jew.

Abhisek Sarda (CC)

Things weren’t happening fast enough for Moses. He knew God wanted to use him. He knew God had plans for him. But he couldn’t wait any longer. He had to do something.

Who knows what Moses was thinking. Maybe he was just angry and frustrated. Or maybe he was hoping to incite a riot, a revolution, a war. The Israelites outnumbered the Egyptians. They should be able to battle their way to freedom, right?

Instead, nothing happened.

Pharaoh caught wind and sought to kill Moses. So he fled to the wilderness.

How to Let God Use You

You know the feeling well. You have a revelation. Or you come by it through some sort of inspiration. Or by trial and error you incrementally arrive at it. By however it happens you feel “called.”

When you receive that calling you instantly have a vision of where your life will go, what you will be. Then what? You work hard for a few weeks, months, maybe even years. Then you look up and realize you’re not where your calling is. You get frustrated. You get impatient. You feel impotent.

And maybe that’s exactly where God wants you. At your most helpless, you realize how utterly dependent upon Him you are. That’s when God can use you.

We all have to endure trips to the wilderness like Moses did when He fled to Midian. Whether the trip lasts 40 days or 40 years, it’s essential. It feels like hell at the time, but God wants to prepare you for what He’s got in store.

Moses wasn’t ready to be God’s instrument as a rash young man. Maybe you’re not ready either.

It’s time you let God prepare you.

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