No, Your Church Isn't a Big Deal

A few years ago I began seeing a proliferation of t-shirts and bumper stickers that screamed, “My church is kind of big deal." A quick google search reveals several churches who have run similar campaigns or sermons series. 

Stefan Kunze

Before I continue: I like my church. Quite a bit.

But the truth? Neither my church nor yours is that big of a deal.

Using the word “my” reinforces division and inflates pride in a specific congregation. The universal church is important, and, kind of a big deal as it is God’s instrument on earth. But I reacted negatively to the campaign's emphasis on church rather than on Christ.

Remember what Paul wrote? “Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord” (2 Cor. 10:17, referencing Jer. 9:24).

In reality, there is no my church or your church. There is one church, the universal church; that is the conglomeration of God’s people, those who’ve expressed faith in Christ. To boast in anything but Christ seems wrong to me.

You should like your church. You should be glad to be a part of it, believe it does great things for the community, and functions as an extension of Jesus. But let’s not forget the purpose of the church: to bring glory to God.

A church is only as good as its foundation. So is my church a big deal? No, but Jesus is.

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