Is There a Good Way to Tell If God Has Spoken to Me?

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This month I answered the question, Is there a good way to tell if God has spoken to me?

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It's a question we all want to be able to answer, right?

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Anyway, here's how this month's article begins:

Several times throughout my life I’ve had a sense God was speaking to me. Once, about seven years ago, I felt God saying, “It’s time you started writing.” Because of that message, you are receiving this email today. 
Another time, as I documented in this blog post, I thought God was telling me my wife would have a baby boy. She was in fact pregnant with a girl, meaning either God did not speak to me or I misinterpreted his words. 
Lest you think I’m some kind of saint or crazy person, let me assure you (as you probably already know), I’m just a normal dude with no special qualifications to receive messages from God. What I will say is most, if not all, messages from God come during prayer time. I simply show up and God does the work. Anyone can show up. 
So if you hear something from God, how do you tell if the message is authentic or simply the delusions of a mad man (like myself)? Is it even possible?

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