Feeling Weary: Spiritual Encouragement from One Who's Been There and Back

Emma Simpson

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This month I wrote about hitting the wall in your spiritual life. Call it burnout, fatigue, or whatever you will, if you're a Christian long enough you'll eventually encounter the spiritual wall.

Here's how this month's article begins:

When I took up running a few years back, I was out of shape (to state it generously). As a result I would encounter the infamous runner's wall within minutes of jogging. 
If you're not familiar with the phenomenon, the sensation isn’t your typical fatigue. 
It’s accompanied by a host of other ailments both physiological and psychological: shortness of breath, fear, Jell-O legs, dread, and rationalizations. A survivalmechanism seems to set in, trying to trick you into believing if you don’t stop, you’ll die. And even for those who’ve experienced the sensation many times before, thatlie is so convincing. 
This is runner’s wall. 
On the days when I muscled up enough willpower to continue through the pain, I discovered I could then run for a long period of time. It’s as if my body realized it wasno use protesting and surrendered, ceasing to complain about the discomfort. On other days I gave in and stopped. I hated those days. 
Truth is, the wall is not unique to runners. Competitors in just about any endurance sport are susceptible to the condition. But even beyond physical exercise, one is bound to experience something similar in a variety of activities. 
In fact, I believe this phenomenon occurs in spiritual life too. We set goals, make efforts to pray more, study the Scriptures more, serve more, love more. We enthusiastically lace up the spiritual sneakers and head out the door to “run the race,” as Paul said.

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